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summer fellowship

Each year CURO awards thirty Summer Research Fellowships to support University of Georgia undergraduates interested in pursuing intensive, immersive, faculty-mentored research during the summer.


2017 Summer Fellowship Application



An applicant must be a current 1st through 3rd year student who has completed a minimum of 15 in residence credit hours at UGA.



Applicants must submit all materials electronically to the CURO office no later than 5pm Friday, February 10, 2017. Please review the current Call for Proposals for complete details.


Summer Fellowship Financial Award:

CURO Summer Fellows are awarded $3000. These funds will be distributed via UGA Payroll and, therefore, are subject to state and federal taxes. Funds will be dispersed in two installments (one at the end of May and one at the end of June). Because these funds are distributed through UGA Payroll, students may not be employed in any other position on campus from May 1 through June 30, 2017 or the amount of the award may be affected.


Summer Fellow Requirements:

Students who accept the Summer Fellowship agree to:
  • Enroll in one CURO Research Course (4960H, 4970H, or 4980H) for the summer thru term. Enrolling in this course will generate credit hours that will count against HOPE credits and will generate tuition costs. Summer Fellows are responsible for tuition payments.

  • Invest approximately 320 hours in their research.

  • Avoid student employment elsewhere on campus from May 1 through June 30, 2017.

  • Present at a summer research forum. (Accommodations can be made for students traveling due to their research at the time of the forum).

  • Present their research at the 2018 CURO Symposium.

Optional workshops and discussions of presentation best practices will be offered to Summer Fellows wishing to improve their presentation skills. 


Proposal Submission & Review:

Please review the current Call for Proposals for complete details.


CURO Summer Fellowship Books of Proposals

CURO publishes a Book of Proposals for each group of CURO Summer Fellows. Each entry provides the respective fellow’s name, research title, faculty mentor, and research abstract.

Clicking any of the following links will open the archived Book of Proposals for the corresponding year in a new browser window.


2016 CURO Summer Fellows Book

2015 CURO Summer Fellows Book

2014 CURO Summer Fellows Book

2013 CURO Summer Fellows Book

2012 CURO Summer Fellows Book

2011 CURO Summer Fellows Book

2010 CURO Summer Fellows Book

2009 CURO Summer Fellows Book

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2007 CURO Summer Fellows Book


Combined 2007-2016 CURO Summer Fellows Book